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Ready for Recovery Breast Cancer Planner

While this is called the breast cancer planner, believe me when I say that it is much more than a planner for more than breast cancer. As a disorganized person going through a dizzying array of appointments, consultations, phone conversations

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Three Months: A Caregiving Journey From Heartbreak to Healing

As a cancer survivor myself, I thoroughly enjoyed Three Months: A caregiving journey from heartbreak to healing. I believe the role of the primary cancer caregiver is the unsung hero in cancer management today. Dietrich Stroeh’s ability to author a

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Questioning Chemotherapy

When you are diagnosed with cancer you need lots of information… fast. QC speaks to many of the key issues that need to be understood when considering conventional chemotherapy. Dr. Moss has been researching and writing about cancer for more

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The Super Antioxidants: Why They Will Change the Face of Healthcare in the 21st Century

The first 3 years of my cancer experience was aggressive conventional oncology with toxicity, side effects and relapses and “there is nothing more we can do for you.”  A little less than 2 years of a controversial alternative cancer therapy

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Life Over Cancer

I read “Life Over Cancer” while I was authoring my first online cancer community “” LOC opened my eyes to the fact that 1) “the person diagnosed with cancer can take specific measures to reverse the course of the disease

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“Should I be Tested for Cancer?” Maybe Not and Here’s Why

If you have been diagnosed with cancer-particularly breast or prostate cancer-you need to read this book before you undergo any therapy. Written by a credible source, Gilbert Welch is a medical doctor and a professor at the Dartmouth Institute for

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The Burzynski Breakthrough

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski (Dr. B), Antineoplastons (ANP) and The Burzynski Research Institute (BRI) has got to be the most controversial doctor, therapy and clinic, respectively, of any cancer therapy I have come across in my cancer survivorship dating back to

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Blueberry extract

I supplement with blueberry extract for eye health. After cataract surgery in both of my eyes to due to high dose steroid therapy, (prednisone or dexamethasone) I have begun to focus on eye health.

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Cataracts are a common side effect of high dose steroid therapy. Dexamethasone and prednisone are steroids. I developed cataracts in both eyes approximately two years after my peripheral blood stem cell transplant. While the cataract surgery went well I have

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