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    David Emerson

    I have a friend who is right now facing the biggest challenge of his life.
    He was diagnosed with incurable Multiple Myeloma Cancer and given a 3-5 year
    window of time. In order to put this into remission he must go into
    chemotherapy right away. He heard that there is a Doctor who is the best in
    the world that has a 10 year remission rate/average, but will be under 24/7
    medical care for the next 9 months straight. He was given premature test
    information from the City of Hope and was told he had had it already for 4-5
    years. Do you know what Doctor this might be?

    Do you know whom this Doctor might be who he is looking for


    David Emerson

    While I coach all cancers I have to admit that I know the most about multiple myeloma as I am a mm survivor of almost 20 years. Several things to keep in mind-

    MM is considered “incurable” but mmers are living with it for longer and longer. I know lots of 8-10 year survivors and some 20 plus survivors. The average mm patient at diagnosis is a 65 year old black male. If your friend is at a lower stage and is younger the averages don’t really apply.

    As for longer average remissions please learn as much as you can before you begin any sort of chemotherapy. Please answer these questions-

    1) what is your friends diagnostic stage? What are diagnostic levels such as “bence-jones” or urine analysis? or possible genetic involvement? What therapy plan did his oncologist outline? Chemo, bmt?

    2) his age and overall health?

    3) what are his symptoms? how did he discover his mm?

    The specialists that you may be thinking of are Dr. Bart Barlogie, Dr. William Berenson, Dr. Brian Durie-

    Before you make any treatment decisions your friend and I should discuss his options.

    David Emerson
    Multiple Myeloma Survivor
    Director, Galen Foundation

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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