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Blood cancers, intravenous vitamin C and arsenic trioxide

Leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma all have a robust collection of FDA approved,  standard-of-care conventional therapies that your oncologist can provide. Unfortunately these blood cancers often relapse after conventional therapies. Further, all toxic conventional therapies have short, long term and

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Cancer Prehabilitation Improves Outcomes

Cancer Prehabilitation is one or more therapies that each of us understands intuitively. Performing a certain exercise to prepare for surgery to improve the healing time or the recovery time just makes sense. Learning about your cancer diagnosis in order

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Evidence-based oncology? What is "experimental?" What is "off-label?"

In December of '95 I underwent an autologus bone marrow transplant as therapy for my multiple myeloma. Though this treatment was experimental at the time, my insurance company paid the bill. My cancer returned after 10 months. In November of

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5 + 7 + 5 Cancer Practices That Must Stop

There was a time when a patient could turn his or her care over to an oncologist. A time, perhaps a generation or so ago, when all patients had to do was nod in agreement. Cancer care today is too

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Beneficial Herbs and antioxidant supplements for Lymphoma Patients

Years of research of blood cancers and my personal experience as a long-term multiple myeloma survivor has taught me that reducing tumor burden through conventional therapies to induce partial or complete remission of lymphoma is only the first battle in

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What do you look for in a support group?

When dealing with the many different facets of cancer management, sometimes it can help to talk with people who are going through the same thing.  What do you look for in a support group?  Have you found them helpful?

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Lymphoma natural cure (Hodgkin)

As the curator of PeopleBeatingCancer I read comments, articles and studies about all common cancers regularly. This is a post from one such forum that I am putting on PBC in my ongoing effort to provide information to cancer survivors

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Follicular Lymphoma: Watch and Wait for Better Therapies?

The theme of "less is more" runs throughout the PeopleBeatingCancer site.  In other words, less chemo, less radiation, is better for the cancer patient.  Below, an onc talks about follicular lymphoma.  Medscape Hematology-Oncology > Cheson on Oncology Follicular Lymphoma: Watch

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Would you and your partner suffer with more bad breath if it meant that you might live?

If you were diagnosed with laryngeal cancer (esophageal), breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer or renal cell cancer and your onc told you to that eating more garlic and onions would dramatically reduce the risk of relapse, would you eat

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In Cancer Care, Cost Matters-is MSK rationing cancer care?

While the NYT's Op-ed piece linked below talks about a chemotherapy for colorectal cancer, several key issues raised in the article apply to any/all cancers and therefore need to be understood. I want to thank the authors, two oncologists from

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