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PeopleBeating Pancreatic Cancer's mission is to demystify cancer-mind, body and soul.The PeopleBeatingCancer website is a resource for unbiased, full spectrum, curated cancer content from the best sources on the Internet today.  Please click the link below to ask for help about your diagnosis, staging, genetic involvement, prognosis, therapy regimen, cancer specialists, etc. youDavid EmersonMultiple Myeloma SurvivorDirector, Galen Foundation dba"Pancreatic cancer is arguably one of the most challenging of human malignancies… Of the several types, exocrine pancreatic tumors (ie adenocarcinoma) account for 95% of all pancreatic cancers and arise from cells lining the pancreatic duct. The high case fatality rate, with approximately 43,140 new diagnoses anticipated in the United States and almost 36,800 deaths in 2010,[1] illustrates these challenges." (Source)"Once the cancer is diagnosed, patients and their caregivers need information about the disease; treatment options; and care with respect to their diet, treatment, and side effects of treatment. To understand some of the rapid physical changes associated with the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and its treatment, patients and caregivers need to find appropriate resources for accurate information." (Source)"Interactive Health Communication Applications (PeopleBeatingCancer website) have largely positive effects on users, in that users tend to become more knowledgeable, feel better socially supported, and may have improved behavioural and clinical outcomes compared to non-users" (Source)

The case for Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as cancer therapy

As a long term survivor of an incurable cancer, it became clear to me many years ago that cancer patients need to venture beyond conventional oncology in order to heal themselves. While Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is controversial as a cancer

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Cancer Prehabilitation Improves Outcomes

Cancer Prehabilitation is one or more therapies that each of us understands intuitively. Performing a certain exercise to prepare for surgery to improve the healing time or the recovery time just makes sense. Learning about your cancer diagnosis in order

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5 + 7 + 5 Cancer Practices That Must Stop

There was a time when a patient could turn his or her care over to an oncologist. A time, perhaps a generation or so ago, when all patients had to do was nod in agreement. Cancer care today is too

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Pancreatic cancer- ca 19-9 counts

I have questions about ca19-9 counts- URL: —-

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Pancreatic cancer for my 84 year old mom

My mom (84 yrs) has recently been diagnosed to have pancreaticcancer on her body. Unfortunately, seems to have spread onto the nearbyvessels too. The symptoms started to have an onset in Dec of last year andaggravated in last 6 months

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Cannabis oil for stage 4 pancreatic cancer?

I need help as early as possible. My brother-in-law has Pancreatic cancer and it is in last stage. Hope that Cannibas oil would help to cure him. How to get, where to get and he is in India. I would

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Pancreatic cancer, sleep, caregiver resources?

 My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in april2013 with metastasis to the liver…3 spots. The cancer was not there inJanuary, so we think we caught it early. He has responded well to chemo…the3 liver tumors have rby

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Therapies for stage IV pancreatic cancer?

My wife has been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.  She hasdone 8 sessions of chemo and frankly feels strongly that chemo is poisoningher body and will kill her before the cancer does. She stopped last week andis looking for

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Possible pancreatic cancer-

a family member has been told he likely has pancreatic cancer ( noted on a CTscan). presently is asymptomatic . Dr. said he is 99 % sure it is malignant.This occurred in May. He is scheduled for an upper endoscopic

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What do you look for in a support group?

When dealing with the many different facets of cancer management, sometimes it can help to talk with people who are going through the same thing.  What do you look for in a support group?  Have you found them helpful?

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